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8-9" Premium Turkey Feather | Smudging Ritual Tool

8-9" Premium Turkey Feather | Smudging Ritual Tool

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Perfect for smudging and ritual, these 8-9" Premium Turkey Feathers are freshly gathered from a cruelty-free turkey farm in California. Each feather is never plucked and only naturally molted, handpicked and sanitized, then air-dried and packaged to maintain its original form. Perfect for smudging, ritual, and crafting needs. 

To incorporate a feather into your smudging ritual, once your smudge wand is smoldering, use the feather to gently fan the smoke around the space, person, or object you wish to cleanse, while setting your intentions for purification and positive energy. Move mindfully around the area, directing the smoke with the feather until your ritual has ended.

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