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California White Sage Smudge Stick, Cleansing Ritual/Tool

California White Sage Smudge Stick, Cleansing Ritual/Tool

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This California White Sage Smudge Stick is an essential cleansing tool for any spiritual practice. It is sustainably harvested and ideal for ceremonies and rituals. When burned, it purifies the air and brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

A practice old as time, developed by indigenous peoples, burning sage — also known as “smudging” — has been traditionally used to help clear negative energy.

According to recent studies, sage has powerful antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory qualities.
Trusted Source Researchers are currently holding it under the microscope as a natural treatment for a whole host of issues, including:

heart disease
Dried sage, especially white sage, was traditionally used by Native Americans for a whole host of benefits, most specifically as a method of purification. This is the term that most often springs to mind when we hear the word “smudging.”
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