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Clear Quartz Bracelet - 4mm Beads - Ultimate healer, Amplification, Enhancing 

Clear Quartz Bracelet - 4mm Beads - Ultimate healer, Amplification, Enhancing 

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Make a statement with this Clear Quartz Bracelet! Featuring beautiful 4mm beads for an extra sparkle and made from clear quartz for ultimate healing, amplification, and enhancing properties. Amp up your look and grab one today!

How to wear

Wear them single or stack them high! We prefer the stacked look, especially when wearing the smaller 4mm style but the choice is yours!

Care Instructions

To ensure your bracelets will stay beautiful for years, considering doing the following:

  • After wearing, wipe your bracelet with a soft cloth.
  • Put your bracelet on last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive.
  • Store your bracelet separately, in a jewelry box or pouch, to avoid scratching. 

When Necessary, Wash With Love (please do your research and ensure the gemstone is water safe first - most of ours are, but always better to be safe than sorry!)

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