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Picture Jasper Vase 02

Picture Jasper Vase 02

Picture Jasper Vase from South Africa
Height - 6.5"
Weighs: 3lbs
  • Geological information: Picture Jasper is a variety of chalcedony, a microcrystalline form of quartz. It is characterized by its unique patterns and scenic landscapes, which resemble pictures or images. Picture Jasper forms through the deposition of silica-rich fluids in sedimentary environments, often in association with iron oxides and other minerals.
  • Metaphysical information: Picture Jasper is associated with grounding, harmony, and creative visualization. It is believed to stimulate the imagination, enhance mental clarity, and promote inner peace. Picture Jasper can also facilitate a deeper connection with nature and the Earth, encouraging a sense of stability and security.
  • Chakra: Root, Sacral
  • Mantra: "I am grounded, centered, and connected to the Earth's wisdom and beauty."
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