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Que-Sera || soothing, rebalancing, restoring

Que-Sera || soothing, rebalancing, restoring

 You will receive ONE Que-Sera tumble stone picked intuitively for you.  Stones will vary as this is a natural work of art from Mother Earth.  

The extraordinary Que-Sera Stone is perhaps the most uplifting talisman to be unearthed in modern history. Blending the healing energies of Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron, Magnetite, Leucozene and Clinozoisite, this stone is described as a conglomerate stone with coarse blue, pink, and rarely, greenish clasts (or fragments) in a fine-grained dark brown matrix.

  • The name is coined from the popular song of the 1950’s, Que-Sera, Sera (What will be, will be), and was taken in part from Quartz with Undulatory Extinction (QUE) with “Sera” added for the metamorphic conditions which created the mineral combination.
  • This stone comes from one of the “Grand Formations” of our planet, and while some tumbled specimens may not display the blue clasts, each minute piece of the combination carries the properties of the combined whole. 
  • Que-Sera Stone is found only in Brazil, and carries a higher, more awakened energy.

Chakra: All

Metaphysically, Que-Sera soothes, energizes, rebalances and restores. It generates an uninterruptible power supply for the system, drawing in dynamic Life Force energies from the higher planes of existence to optimize health and manifest maximum well-being. Merely holding this stone lights up every cell in the body, and allows one to store this energy for one’s mental, physical, psychic, and spiritual needs.

  • Que-Sera Stone supports standing in one’s own power and provides release from the burden of self-imposed obligations
  • Que-Sera removes the need for stress and turmoil, and places one in the moment to enjoy the things one wishes to do. It is a “good times only” stone.
  • Que-Sera is a powerful carrier of Qi and an all-around healer with strong, readily accessible bioscalar-wave energy.
  • Grid the home, work or play areas with tumblestones to shield against Wi-Fi emanations and other electromagnetic pollutants and geopathogens.

Mantra:  I stand in my power, fully connected & enlightened.  I manifest my maximum well-being.

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It's important to note that while many people believe in the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones, these properties are based on personal beliefs and experiences and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.


Size will vary as the stones are natural works of art from Mother Earth.

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