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Red Jasper || grounding, nurturing, vitality

Red Jasper || grounding, nurturing, vitality

You will receive ONE Red Jasper tumble stone picked intuitively for you.  Stones will vary as this is a natural work of art from Mother Earth.  The tumbles have been sourced from Brazil.

Red Jasper is a type of microcrystalline quartz with a characteristic red or reddish-brown color. It belongs to the chalcedony family and is composed mainly of silicon dioxide (SiO2). The red color of Red Jasper is due to the presence of iron oxide impurities, primarily hematite.

     Chakra: Root

    Metaphysically, Red Jasper has been highly valued and used in many cultures for its grounding, protective, and energizing qualities.

    • It is believed to connect one with the energy of the Earth, promoting stability, strength, and a sense of rootedness.
    • Provides a sense of comfort and support during times of stress or emotional upheaval.
    • Red Jasper is often used to promote emotional healing, foster self-confidence, and encourage a sense of security and well-being.

      Mantra:  I am grounded, strong, and vibrant.

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      It's important to note that while many people believe in the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones, these properties are based on personal beliefs and experiences and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.


      Size will vary as the stones are natural works of art from Mother Earth.

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