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tamramarino 4 of 4

tamramarino 4 of 4

  1. Druzy Agate DT Wand - Brazil (10y)
  2. Rainbow Moonstone Palm - India (14L, 14B, 14e)
  3. Bladed Selenite Rose - Mexico (11L, 16i, 19c)
  4. Owyhee Opal Palms - Oregon USA (15L, 11B, 12G)
  5. Green Moonstone Mini Sphere (11j)
  6. Smoky Quartz Palms - Brazil (17L, 17d)
  7. Astrophyllite Palms - Norway (55c, 59h, 34d, 46f, 39g, 41i, 58m)

Total = $513 / 4 = $128.25

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Payment Plan Details - Final Payment due April 26, 2024.

Terms: You may make payments at whatever interval works best for you but the final payment will be due by 4/26/24.  If you choose to make all payments sooner, I will ship once payment is received in full.  If you abandon your order, any previous payments received will not be refunded.

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